Album Of The Day: The Chariot – The Fiancee

After the original singer from Norma Jean, Josh Scogin, left after the seminal album “Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child” He went on to form The Chariot and continued to produce definitive hardcore albums. The band has a rotating door line-up with only Josh Scogin being on every album, which gives them a unique sound to every album.

This is the second full length and features some of the most experimental playing in my opinion even drawing in some of the technicality of Dillinger Escape Plan and the experimentation with strings, female vocals and choirs elevates it above a lot of other straight up hardcore.

Best song is the frankly epic ‘Then Came To Kill’ everybodys favourite red head Hayley Williams actually features on it and honestly it is not as bad as it sounds, in fact her parts fit in perfectly!

The full album can be found on Spotify here


4 Responses to “Album Of The Day: The Chariot – The Fiancee”

  1. […] Norma Jeans old singer, Josh Scogin, started this band back in ’03 and has been making wonderfully insane mathcore ever since. This is the latest album and shit gets pretty experimental in places definitely more than The Fiancee […]

  2. Dragon IVX.2 Says:

    I really like the album artwork

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