Rust ‘N’ Bones – Best Of Album Of The Day Vol. 4

Even with a Christmas break it seems we have come to that time again, volume 4 of the Album Of The Day Best Of compilation series is now up for everyone’s immense pleasure! Are you excited as I am? Probably not, I’m not even that excited it’s only a bloody compilation, you can’t even have sex with it!

A decidedly punk/hardcore/metalcore/all the cores vibe this time with some pop and hip hop thrown in to mix shit up a bit. So chuck this compilation onto your Spotify and get ready to do the best okey cokey of your life! Wait, what an hour isn’t enough? Why not listen to Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 as well then!

Btw I have Spotify invites if you need one just drop a comment with your e-mail and I’ll wing one over to you.

As usual just click the image to open the playlist in Spotify!

Rust N Bones – Best Of Album Of The Day Vol. 4 featuring:

The Cardigans

Backyard Babies

The Blood Brothers



The Plight

Every Time I Die

Twelve Gauge Valentine

The Chariot

Norma Jean

Poison The Well



Danko Jones




One Response to “Rust ‘N’ Bones – Best Of Album Of The Day Vol. 4”

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