Doggy Bandanas

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As you can obviously tell by the quality of this site (stop laughing please) I am a website creator extraordinaire. So when my girlfriend started making little doggy bandanas I was roped in to making her a nice little site. I tried my best, please be kind.

So if you have a pooch in your life that is in dire need of a makeover then head over to Handsome Hound Dog Bandanas they are all free delivery to anywhere in the UK and you can also see me, her and the dog at many events in around Devon where we will be selling on stalls. For between 4-5 quid you really can’t go wrong and will make great stuffing fillers and birthday presents.

It would also be great if you wanted to like our Facebook page!

cocker spaniel in a doggy bandana

Also any of the nice pictures on the site will be done by our good friend Sam of Concrete Photography . So give him some love!

Album Of The Day: The Dillinger Escape Plan – One Of Us Is Killer

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album cover

Dead Air

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tv static

I have been gone a while but never fear I am here again.

A slight (two year) excursion into an industry that believed computers are fancy new things and the internet will all blow over soon enough led me down a path where I forgot how to type with two hands and updating a blog just seemed like way to much effort.

New music will resume, I have a lot to catch up on.



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via Instagram

Found A Mate

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Driving down the road today I spotted a bright red beauty calling to me from a parking spot. So obviously I had to go and get a picture.

20130513-063825 PM.jpg

20130513-063836 PM.jpg

Album Of The Day: Bon Iver – Self Titled

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bon-iver-lp self titled


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