Oh To Be Poor

Sometimes you have to go cheap on some things when your money is more important somewhere else. This weekend was one of those moments…

I needed a little bit of oil for a top up but oh no they don’t sell small amounts of 20-50 (My car loves it thick!) hmm what is the next best thing then? How about 4.5 litres of ECONOMY!

Amazingly this was the same price as the small bottles of brand name oil! I dread to think what is in it though, thankfully my car is pretty much bombproof and loves shit oil.

So why am I being so frugal on something as important as oil? Well I had to nip down to Cornwall to pick some things up…

I’m quite excited about them to be honest. I love my tiny wheels but I also love change, 15×8 should fill the arches nicely…


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