On The Road Again

So after swapping the 1600 for a less smokey 2 litre, I then had to wait a month until I could drive my car again, it sucked. But on Saturday I went and got myself one of them MOT things and an expensive disk of paper to stick in my windscreen and I was allowed to roll out onto the streets again!

It was a good weekend, I got about 150 miles on the car, ran over a huge rock on in a car park that pushed out a drain hole plug and pushed my floor up by about 2 inches and got my wheel centres back from the powdercoaters!

Luckily for me the rock didn’t hurt anything bad and the floor could be mostly straightened out with a hefty boot but the noise it made was enough to bring a tear to my eye.

The new white wheel centres mocked up in the wheel, can’t wait to get them all together now!

And today at work I had a nice little present arrive. Not long now till the wheels will make it onto the actual car…


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