Pinto Electronic Ignition Wiring

I’m putting this up mainly as a reference for myself but if other people find it useful then hopefully I can help. I’m no wiring expert (by any means!) this is just what I have gleaned from forums and sites, so I take no responsibility if any of it is wrong.

My engine is originally an EFi Pinto from a sierra and it has the electronic distributor, which of course needs wiring in, I’m running a carb so obviously the only part I need to worry about is the electronic ignition. You should have a black module on a ally backplate that has six wires coming out of it, mine is labelled 83BB 12A199 B3A, which means it is the Sierra module, the later electronic ignition from a Transit is slightly different I think, although it is just a couple wires in different places. You will also need the Sierra coil (or similar suitable one for electronic ignitions).

First off the basic wiring guide for the module is as follows (Yes it is hand drawn, it was easier than using paint!)

Not the best and excuse the oily finger smudges but it is still readable

I have however seen people disregard wire 3 completely and cut it short as seen on this guide.

However I have the complete loom from the sierra, like in the picture above. This picture shows how that is all set out, I think for most applications it is easier to tear this loom open and just use the parts you need to run it like the diagram above.

I have also tried to describe the ends on each of the cables in the full loom to help out when identifying them all.


2 Responses to “Pinto Electronic Ignition Wiring”

  1. Thanks. The info was simple and straight to the point. You are a star. DERIK.

  2. This is actually super useful as i have one of these for my pinto but had no clue how to hook it up. No rush to do it but at least when i need to i have the info 😀

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