Retro Rides Beach Party 5

This last weekend Retro Rides held their 5th Beach Party at Brean Sands in Somerset. We rounded up a few of the S.O.S lot as well as Dave from SWDubs and made our (slow) motorway convoy up north – yes Somerset is north to me, everything except cornwall is!

After the whole convoy decided to ignore the blatantly obvious diversion signs once we got off the motorway we had to double back on ourselves to follow it, adding about 45 minutes onto the journey, although it was quite fun driving through the streets in mass convoy with engine noise bouncing off the walls and the smell of oil and petrol filling the air.

The fun never stopped either as once we got to the beach itself we realised the lane leading you onto the sand had some rather large speed bumps… I think it is safe to say Brean now has a lot of S.O.S metal left on it, the two Elk’s (satin black Shuvit and red oxide Fezza) even managed to get beached on top of one of the speedbumps – beached before we even got to the beach… oh the comedy!

After all that we finally managed to drive onto the sand and park up, something I have never done before and it was very cool to have a meet on the beach itself. In total around 110 cars turned up for the meet, which is damn successful if you ask me and as usual with Retro Rides there was a superb mix of cars including a very hard looking MGB and Subaru Brat with full Impreza running gear!

Retro Rides also have this strange habit of trying to make the best out of quite horific cars, case in point, one members new project… A Mulitpla!

Massive thanks to RR member Brian Damaged for organising the meet and I can’t wait until the next one in Spring next year! All pictures thanks to Brian Damaged and Spiny, there are also loads more on the RR threads here and here, I have only managed to show a tiny portion of what was there!


One Response to “Retro Rides Beach Party 5”

  1. awesome was a rad day and good turn out with a really mixed variety of retro metal S.O.S BOOM!!!!!

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