Album Of The Day: Thrice – Major/Minor

The new Thrice album and it continues on their pretty impressive run of albums from The Alchemy Index up to now. It sounds a bit more up-tempo than Beggars and slightly less experimental with their sound because of it. Beggars had a strong bluesy sound to it and now they have shifted their influence forward a few years and taken a bit of their sound from 90’s era grunge (think Pearl Jam more than Nirvana). So the easiest – and laziest – way to sum up the album would be to say a grungey version of Beggars.

I should also mention how well done the recording of this album is, it sounds so raw and Dustin Kensrue’s voice has the perfect amount of emotion and grit to really bring you into each song.

Best song is probably Treading Water

The full album can be found here on Spotify


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