Look At This Dork!

My friend Alec has just started his own blog called Better Living Through Music, I imagine it will mostly be about music and reviews, probably of the indie variety so if your a fan of the shitty stuff like Bloc Party and the Artic Monkeys you should probably check it out.

He does have one redeeming point though because he has a QOTSA video on his first ever blog post and in my mind that is a good start.

So everyone should go over there and send him abuse in his comments, I know he would love it.

One Response to “Look At This Dork!”

  1. Thanks Joe, I appreciate it when friends say things straight from the heart. I feel touched, but not necessarily in the good way. I may return the favour at some point (a post that is, not touching you up … well only if you ask nicely)

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