S.O.S At Modified Mania

This weekend S.O.S got together to have a stand at a local car show called Modified Mania (or Devon Car Show, it seemed to have two names for some reason…) It wasn’t the usual type of show for us, with more of an emphasis on newer cars, bodykits and orange women in bikinis but it’s always fun to mix it up a bit and represent for the old skool.

There were a few nice cars dotted about on other stands but because I’m not a photographer and I spent most of the time either sat in the back of a Series 1 Land Rover or watching the drifting demos going on I failed to get any pics apart from what I could see sat on our own stand. Even then, most of the pictures were taken by Rice and not me anyway!

Our stand was pretty damn varied as well with a lifted Hilux, mk1 and mk3 Capri’s, a mk2 Escort Van, mk1 Golfs, a Datsun 100a, a very mint mk1 Fiesta, an Oldsmobile and the series 1 Landy. We even piled into the landy for a little drive around the site, the thing is beyond awesome!

Smeatharpe also has an oval stock car track and going around that all day was a variety of drift cars and subaru rally car demos, it was good fun to watch and it was great seeing Ian Wyatt out in his primer grey E36 battling against all the usual Japanese drift cars. However, normally the drifting at Smeatharpe is in a different area, which just has some simple cones but allows a bit more of an interesting track than an oval…

One last thing, the girls with cheeks hanging out everywhere, fake tans, fake hair and other fake bits were like vultures, you literally couldn’t walk 20 metres without a group harassing you for a charity donation. I’m all for charity, but harassing people for money is wrong and just makes people rage, let people come to you and give donations if they want to.

Paul Cook was also there once again and he took a lot better photos than me so check out his pictures here. He did get a few pictures of the real nice E30 that was there as well, check it out.



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