Powderham Classic Car Show

Powderham Castle Classic Car Show was one of the first shows I can ever remember going to back when I was a little boy because my uncle would take me down there in his Triumph TR3. Move forward a few years and I was old enough to drive and so I always went down with my own Capri. Recently however I have been going to Santa Pod’s Retro Show, which unfortunately falls on the same weekend as Powderham so I have missed it for a few years. There was no such clash this year however and so I popped down with a mate and his Mk2 Escort Van on the Sunday and parked up with the Old Skool Ford club stand. Apart from a mega hangover and feeling like I had been punched in the face, it was a good day out and a slight change from the normal shows I go to. (It is more of a classic car, flat cap and pipe show instead of modified retros or classics – that’s not to say there wasn’t any interesting modified metal on display though!)

Obviously being the ever organised person I am, I didn’t take a camera but luckily a couple guys on our club stand did and posted them up on the OSF forum. Below are a few of the pictures, mostly of our stand but a few bits from the rest of the show as well. I wish I had more pictures because the show was huge but sadly I don’t.

Pictures via Vista and Awesome.


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