Southern Old Skool Meet – June 2011

Last week my local club S.O.S (Southern Old Skool) had a little meet up to check out what’s been going on in our car lives and hang out on a relatively warm and surprisingly not wet June evening. While I was there chatting and checking out some of the retro machinery on display some people were a bit more organised and managed to bring a camera. Josh Fisk took these pictures and I managed to persuade him to write them up and share them with you all here, this is what he had to say…

After the success of the previous meet in Newton, the decision was made to return to Halfords Car park for a second time round. And what a decision it was! With Die-hards turning up from all over the shop, the turn out was a mint one.

The head count this time round was on par from the last meet but it was excellent seeing some new faces! Especially some air-cooled ones and the quality of the cars are just getting better and better every meet. So thanks to everyone who turned up and made it happen. Have a look through the photo’s, sorry if I didn’t get yours, the lack of daylight made a bit awkward. But I have a mint video of the crewcab’s burnout that will be posted in the near future.

Peace out


Expect to see a lot more from S.O.S on here from now on! If you were at the meet and you’re in any of the pictures click here and go to the facebook page to tag yourself in them!


One Response to “Southern Old Skool Meet – June 2011”

  1. Nice meet with a nice variation of cars. Keep the meet write-ups coming 🙂

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