Old > Modern

The best thing about parking on a road amongst all the moderns is how awesome it makes my car look.

(Click for large)

Sometimes after looking at some ridiculously cool cars at a show or online all day you can start feeling bad that your car isn’t perfect/exactly how you want it/finished. I suggest taking your car out for a drive to remind yourself why you love it and then when you park somewhere in amongst all the boring modern family cars and hatchbacks take a good look at just how much your car stands out. Feels good doesn’t it.


2 Responses to “Old > Modern”

  1. amen to that brother! just to let you know, i check your blog almost every day, so keep up the good work!

    and please do see our website http://www.sevo.fi/ and select Miekkiö Hot Rod (our car club) and feel free to use any picture in your blog, if you see anything you like

    Riku Nykänen
    -MHR vice president-

    sry for bad(?) english, we are from finland 😀

    • Thanks man! Just had a look on the site, I love the Nash Ambassador project!

      PS Your English is great!

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