Album Of The Day: City And Colour – Little Hell

The new album from Dallas Green (Alexisonfire), slightly different from the stripped down acoustic sound you normally expect, it features a full band and some upbeat bluesy sounding songs such as the first single Fragile Bird and the song Weightless even sounds a bit 70’s rock. The stripped down guitar and vocals are still present as well to keep the weeping masses happy but overall it is a much bigger sound that runs through country, folk, blues and classic rock with ease.

The album was also recorded at Catherine North Studios again, where he recorded Bring Me Your Love but this time it is all laid down on tape, which gives it a raw feel that goes perfectly with Dallas’ voice. I also love that he recorded in Catherine North again because that is where my good friends Count To Fire went to record their recently released second album In Another Life.

Favourite song at the moment is Silver and Gold

The full album can be found here


One Response to “Album Of The Day: City And Colour – Little Hell”

  1. zooey fan Says:

    This album is awesome, so much more varied than his last two

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