Ksubi Kolors – Aussie Muscle and Aussie Models

This is quite a strange one here really but someone sent me this super hip advert from Australian fashion people, Ksubi and told me to watch it because I was sure to like the cars. Well they were right, I loved the cars, I loved the Kumho coloured smoke tyres, I loved the slow motion burnouts and the women were alright as well I suppose.

Ksubi say of the advert “With the ksubi team securing the very last sets of limited edition coloured tyres by Kumho available in Australia they then enlisted Askill and his team at Collider to fuse the vivid smoke with the spectral denim range. Models Bambi Northwood-Blythe, Cisco Gorrow and Heidi Harrington-Johnson act as modern-day matadors to the rumbling Ford’s that attempts to hunt them down while the girls soar above the cars to an operatic soundtrack.

Shot next to Sydney’s Kingsford Smith International Airport in barren industrial wasteland that car fanatics converge on after dark and with a Phantom camera, Askill captures each and every denim movement and smoke billow at 1500 frames per second.”

I have no idea what the advert is supposed to mean or anything but it does look good with a trio of Ford Falcons billowing out some brightly coloured burnout smoke. Mainly however I am really interested in the arched Falcon with the big bonnet bulge on it. Do any of you Australian readers know about this car? It looks amazing and I’d love to see some pictures and specs for it!


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