Album Of The Day: Shad & Dallas – Two Songs

OK so this isn’t really an album but it is a pretty amazing single/EP collaboration from Canadian rapper Shad and the always amazing Dallas Green (AKA City & Colour). It is just two songs and one of them is a remix of a Shad song from his latest album TSOL. Dallas said of the collaboration “I’ve always wanted to be Mary J. Blige to somebody’s Method Man.” What a hero.

Shad by himself is also one of the best rappers out at the moment, expect him to be AOTD soon…

The first song is a very chilled out and slow track called Live Forever that fans of Dallas’ haunting melodies will love but it is the more upbeat remix of Listen that stands out. It is quite simply one of the best hip hop songs in the last few years; the original is brilliant but this version with Dallas singing behind him just makes it perfect.

Live Forever

Listen (Remix)

It is available on Spotify here but it is also a charity single with all proceeds going to Skate4Cancer so if you can buy it for a couple quid

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