A Shade Brighter

After having black wheels on the Capri since I pretty much first got it, I thought it was time for a change, try and brighten things up a bit and mainly to stop hiding all the lovely dish that you couldn’t really see because it was all black and shadows.

In my typically pikey way out came the spray cans (a lovely shade of ‘dark grey steel wheel paint’) and now I present for the first time in about 5 years my POS with silver wheels!

It is taking some getting used to I can tell you that!


3 Responses to “A Shade Brighter”

  1. hey, gotta say your ride is the nuts, gota capri myself n wanna get its ass in the air n nose down, been lookin in ur threads n stuff n just wonderin what stuff uve done to get the height on the back n with those wheels?? top work! peace.

    • Thanks man! The rear is on 2 inch blocks and that is about as low as you can really go on a standard set up. You could possibly run 3 inch blocks but I personally would think it’s a bit sketchy and I already have problems with the axle crushing the exhaust, so that would have to be rerouted to underneath the axle (which would then mean it would hang very low and touch the floor a lot).

      If you wanna know anything else, I’m happy to help.

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