Album Of The Day: Rival Schools – Pedals

The new album from Rival Schools after a huge 10 year wait. United By Fate, their genre defining debut album, is one of my favourite albums of all time so to say I was excited about this album is a slight understatement. However I was also a bit worried, would this be so terrible it would ruin Rival Schools? Has the post-hardcore scene changed too much now? Will it sound dated if they sound like they used to?

Thankfully it was all good, the album sounds exactly how a Rival Schools album should sound and it doesn’t sound dated at all. The whole scene has shifted so much this would probably be considered a normal indie album rather than anything to do with punk and hardcore, even of the post type, but that doesn’t really mean much anyway.

It isn’t as amazing as United By Fate but it is a pretty solid album and it is a great catchy listen, not bad for a band that have had a decade long break.

The best song is ‘Shot After Shot’ with fuzzed out singing that takes you back to the late 90’s early 00’s sound perfectly.

The full album is on Spotify here

BTW United By Fate was the very first Album Of The Day I did way back in Sept ’09!


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