Fingle Bridge Trials

I went to watch a bit of local car trials last weekend and got a few little clips on my phone (sorry about the quality) that I just joined together into one video. It looks slow but my phone didn’t really pick up just how steep, muddy, rutted and bumpy the hills were. It was pretty much like a bog most of the time and the ruts were sometimes as deep as about 3 foot!

It’s good fun watching all manner of cars going up the hills and after Fingle Bridge we moved on to the next stage in Ilsington which has one of the hardest sections in the UK. Sadly I couldn’t get any video because it was far too busy and the hill was so steep I was hanging onto the trees and had no spare hands! Next time I will be sure to turn up their earlier to get a good place and film some of the mega jumps and burnouts they do while stuck!


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