Album Of The Day: Glassjaw – Our Color Green (The Singles)

The first proper release of original material since 2002 when they did Worship and Tribute! FUCKING YES! Sadly it is only a 5 song EP of singles they released one a month last year from August until December but still this is better than nothing and a full album should be with us sometime this year… although I do remain doubtful about that.

This has definitely been worth the wait though, it is awesome! The last song on the EP is “You Think You’re (John Fucking Lennon)” which has been around in some form for about a decade but still sounds fresh and fits with the rest of the songs.

As usual with Glassjaw they released each single in a pretty odd way and every song was released on the day that was the number of the month ie 8/8/10 and 9/9/10 etc they also did loads of things like hidden messages in postcards, limited releases in pizza places and lots of centering around certain numbers. Read it all here, its pretty interesting!

Best song is for me right now “You Think You’re (Fucking John Lennon” just because I love the disarming long intro that leads into such brutality!

The full EP can be found here on Spotify


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