The Perfect Sound

There is nothing in the world that sounds quite as perfect as a well set up engine. Obviously V8’s are nearly always at the top of the list but a screaming 4 pot on a row of webers or TB’s can sound pretty epic as well. My personal favourite is the sound of a very lumpy idle on an older V8 that gurgles and splutters like it is underwater. I could listen to it like I listen to music.

Kinda like this…

Rotary engines have a pretty distinctive sound as well… Lumpy on idle and sounds like a bike when revving to insane RPM’s

Of course being an Old Skool Ford man, I will always have a soft spot for a Ford 4 pot with 4 webers hanging off the side. Especially if it is in BDA form!

Just gonna throw this Escort in here as well…

To prove that 4 pots can also have ridiculous idles.

But I don’t think you will ever find lumpier than this!

And to bring it back full circle some V8 rolling road insanity

Hopefully all the many videos don’t break your computer! If they are a bit of a pain just drop a comment and I’ll change them to links instead of embedding them.


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