Album Of The Day: Lower Than Atlantis – Far Q

I was told to check out this album by a mate (and member of the awesome Rat Attack) and because they are supporting Architects and Norma Jean on their tour I thought I should really check them out before I see them.

I am really liking the album at the moment and it seems to be on a continual rotation so either its ace to listen to over and over again or I’m just busy and not actually taking any notice of what’s being pumped through my headphones. It seems to be quite a varied with some real heavy bits mixing in with the melodic almost grungy sound and occasionally they even hit a poppy stride with parts that sound quite similar to Biffy Clyro,

I’m not a fan of the pretty gay and over-done ‘comedy’ song titles that every band seems to try to do these days and the song “We Are The Kids Of The Recession” is pretty awful but other than that its a great album.

Best song is probably the opener and title track “Far Q” I cannot get the tune out of my head!

And as a bonus because I’ve been busy and haven’t updated for a while have an extra track as well of the first single and video from the album “Taping Songs Off The Radio”

The full album can be found here on Spotify


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