Retro Show 2010

So this weekend me and a few mates set off on our annual trip to Santa Pod to watch some awesome drag racing and check out the Retro Show. The actual Show was on the Sunday (18th July) but the Saturday is also a normal RWYB day and they have a camping ground open for people on the Saturday night so we went for the weekend.

We left on the 200+ mile trip at around 10am on the Saturday and had a little convoy of 3 cars between the six of us that went up. Unfortunately (a rather comical) rally look Skoda Felicia decided it didn’t much like its gearbox any more a few days prior to the show and this meant the convoy consisted of a new Suzuki Swift as well as a Mk3 Capri and A Mk1 Golf.

MK3 Capri


MK1 Golf

I'm in your mirror, stalking you!


Caravans - The bane of Motorway driving!

The road to Santa Pod was a bit of a...

After a loud but fun journey that consisted of a whole load of waves and thumbs up from passers by we rolled into the lanes getting into Santa Pod. Ah the lanes to Santa Pod… Oh how we have our fun, the last time I drove on them a couple years ago in my car, I Somehow managed to do a lovely pirouette and end up sat facing a Merc who was originally driving behind me. I’m still not sure how I managed that, I was just at cruising speed following traffic! It really doesn’t say much for a Capri’s handling capabilities… Well anyway this year my car handles a lot better and I had no such trouble with random spins but it is now sufficiently low and stiff enough that I did smash my exhaust into the floor on more than a few occasions. I wonder what will happen next year? My engine will probably fall out or catch fire.

Setting up our tents in the camping field was a relatively simple affair, the amount I camp these days means the usual camping shenanigans are mostly passed over and I can just leave it down to my radiator deciding it wants to spray a load of my water on the floor or having a mk1 Golfs door get caught by the wind and giving my car a little cuddle to keep me entertained instead. Good times.

Heading over to set up a nice little drinking station on the hill beside the strip we watched some very fast RWYB car’s competing and even saw a few EPC cars getting a little bit of practice in. Some very fast Corsa’s shocked me into not dismissing them all as the local McDonald’s car park crew in the future! The 4wd Mk1 Golf was very, very cool and we made sure we had a very good look around it in the pits that evening… “Work of Art” is the only way to describe it!

Then it was back to the tents for a little bit more drinking, a bit of BBQ-ing and a little bit of frisbee before more drinks and finally trying to get some shut eye for the days show ahead.

The Sunday morning rolled around and campers started appearing from their tents bleary eyed and heavy headed, a quick stroll over to the pit area to use the toilets and get a hot cuppa from one of the food vans and its time to start another BBQ and get some bacon rolls on the go! After all the delicious bacon it was time to go and find our way onto the Retro Rides stand and park up for the day.

The RR stand was a very cool collection of some very different cars ranging from a Granada on air to a hardslammed Hillman Minx Estate (that I have drooled over on here before!) and even full drag spec V8 Firenza! A massive thanks to forum member “Hardcore” for organising the stand and for letting us park up with the RR crew!

'That' Minx

Mean looking Firenza

Slammed Jetta on the RR stand

Very cool Arched 4dr Nova on the RR stand

After parking up and taking our first quick look around we decided to sit up on the grandstand for a bit and watch some more racing. The EPC boys were doing knock out stages, with first past the line wins rules, that made for some brilliant racing and some shocking upsets! The RWYB didn’t disappoint either with the most eclectic mix of cars racing you will ever see!

Morris Minor... Doing a wheelie!

Motor Psycho!

Tyres gripping hard!

Very quick Hot Rod

Escort V Capri

The Santa Pod jet car was there as usual and put on an amazing show with all the loud bangs and flames you could ever want but there was also a rather special Pro Mod Zephyr that managed to get a bit out of shape with a mental wheelie that left only one wheel on the ground! Luckily no major damage was done and the team behind it seemed happy to have at least given everyone a bit of a special show.

Up, Up and Away!

Don't think I want their job...

A jet powered car... The fools!

For the first time since I’ve been going to Santa Pod, I also managed to see a Top Fuel Funny Car do a little run up the strip and even though it was only a couple half pass ‘practice’ runs, the noise, speed and fury of a Top Fueler is astonishing and it has made me really want to go to watch a proper competitive top fuel event.

This was VERY loud!

Off the track there was still loads to see with some amazing stands including one of my favourites the Old Skool Ford stand, which has some amazingly well turned out cars and a show & shine area that had over 60 entries. The overall show & shine winner was Lee Proctor in a simply stunning Mk1 Escort that had a slightly different Vauxhall engine in. I did find there seemed to be a distinct lack of vans at the show this year with hardly a VW camper in sight, although the Toyota Hiace on our stand looked pretty sweet!

Show and Shine winning Mk1 Escort

Show and Shine winning Mk1 Escort

Normal bikes will just not cut the mustard in the retro scene!

clean Alpina next to the A Team van

Retro Cars Magazine's Mk1 Polo

Rayvern hydraulics sunny wagon that was for sale

Very clean Nova saloon

Low Mk2 Escort on Turbos

I also managed to catch a little drift demo by the awesome retro drift team Morleysport. Seeing three Mk2 Escorts and two mk1 Starlets drifting in perfect harmony and just as well as any modern high power high money Japanese car really put a smile on my face and then when I saw that two of the cars still had Pinto’s in it got me very excited indeed.

MorleySport Drift Team

Pinto engined Starlet

So after we had exhausted our eyes and ears with the sights and sounds that Santa Pod had to offer we packed up our tents and began the journey home. This included more waves and even a guy following us for ages and pulling into a services after us to have a look and say nice car!

Exhausted and on the way home

What motorways should look like!

So overall it was an amazing weekend as usual and it just makes me sad that I’m not at Santa Pod every weekend! Bring on next year!

Massive thanks to everyone who took the stunning pictures, I wanted to put them all up but I had to just choose a few so look through all the galleries by people in the links below!

Main photos via David Tapp’s Flickr

Zephyr, Jet Car and Shockwave pics via Seth on RR

Firenza, show winning mk1 escort and Minx pictures Via Octagonpaul on RR

Drifting Pictures Via Mick The Cabbie on OSF


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