Album Of The Day: International Superheroes of Hardcore – Takin’ It Ova!

New Found Glory making a hardcore side project (that features every member of the band) was never gonna be that serious and this album is in parody territory but who says you can’t have a bit of fun with hardcore? The lyrics are all tongue in cheek references to the punk and hardcore scenes or just about 80’s films like Back To The Future.

I love the part in “Captain Straight Edge” near the end where they do a breakdown by saying breakdown and then they do a “Yeah Boiiiii” straight from Anthrax and Public Enemy. Epic! For all the joking and stupid lyrics the music is actually good enough to make you wanna listen to it more than once.

Best song is “Back To The Future” just because I love the opening.

The full album can be found here on Spotify


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