Album Of The Day: Rage Against The Machine – Self Titled

Rage Against The Machine Self Titled AOTD

Rage Against The Machine played their free gig last night in Finsbury Park to celebrate and thank all the people that helped them get to No1 for Christmas with the song ‘Killing In The Name Of’. You should probably remember the whole facebook group thing, it was pretty much everywhere over xmas and it was made to stop whoever was going to win the Xfactor this year automatically getting xmas No1. It worked and RATM said they would play a free show as thanks and give all the money from the sale of the single to the Shelter charity.

I didn’t manage to see them yesterday but I do get to see them next week at Download, which should be awesome! This album was their first album and along with the equally brilliant ‘Battle Of Los Angeles’ contain the best rap metal you will ever here (I know…good and ‘rap metal’ don’t often get seen together much.)

Best song is ‘Take The Power Back’

The full album can be found here on Spotify

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3 Responses to “Album Of The Day: Rage Against The Machine – Self Titled”

  1. あまり意味が解らない。音楽は好きだが日本の歌謡曲がいい。


  2. hey whats your myspace page.

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