Album Of The Day: Motorhead – March Or Die

Motorhead March Or Die AOTD

Download is next Wednesday and I’m so stoked its unreal! I’m listenening to some random Download Spotify playlist I found and every time Motorhead comes on I remember that they are playing and get super excited! Motorhead are one of the bands you have to see live at least once in your life and because they seem to tour relentlessly every year it shouldn’t be too hard to catch them play a show somewhere near you.

March Or Die is one of the early 90’s albums and in my opinion shows an awesome change for the band with some songs being actual ballads (kind of). Two songs have Ozzy involved with him doing vocals on ‘I Ain’t No Nice Guy’ (Slash also does the solo for it!) And Motorhead doing a version of the song ‘Hellraiser‘ that Lemmy and Ozzy wrote together and previously featured on Ozzy’s ‘No More Tears‘ album.

Best song on the album is probably the epic but simple ‘Bad Religion’

The full album can be found here on Spotify

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One Response to “Album Of The Day: Motorhead – March Or Die”

  1. Motorhead, Ozzy, and Slash will all be playing shows in Tokyo soon.

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