I’m In A Fridge Yo!

At work we have a big ass fridge and it seems to be the norm to judge people by if they can fit in it or not. So much so that one of my *cough* superiors *cough*, a certain Mr David Tapp has made a whole site called ‘Who’s In The Fridge?‘ and takes pictures of people in the office trying to fit in said fridge.

Because I’m only a few inches away from being an actual midget, I of course fit in really easily. Whether this is a success or a fail I’m not really sure, in my mind that means I win but some people seem to disagree. Anyway below you can see the first picture of the set but to see the full blog post and all the pictures go to the blog post – ‘How Many Joes Can You Fit In A Fridge‘.

I guess as well after so many pictures of Stew it’s only fair somebody started taking pictures of me as well…

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