What Stew Wears – Day 69

Day 69…… 69!


That’s like the best joke a little boy could hope for. I am still a little boy and I giggled quite a lot when I realised what day it was. It’s almost as funny as farts.

I think Stew’s eyes say it all really…

What Stew Wears - Day 69

They seem to say “oooh yeah, you want some of this lovin’ do ya?”

I really tried hard to not make some really bad 69 jokes because apparently I ‘make too many puns’ so I leave this magnificent day and number for everyone else to create their own jokes about. Tell them in the comments and if they are funny enough I will personally slap stew in the face. I know slapping stew and 69 jokes aren’t really related but… meh!


One Response to “What Stew Wears – Day 69”

  1. gavlarrrr Says:

    I want do a 69 with this man. (somebody tells me what a 69 is)

    I do not want to do a 69 with this man. eww!

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