What Stew Wears – Day 68

Yes I know I forgot to do it yesterday I must have been caught up in doing actual work or something silly like that but don’t worry I got a picture today and it is just for ‘Rock Bitches‘ who displayed their dismay that after 67 days of What Stew Wears there was not a single ‘devilhorn’ being made by our young ginger hero.

Well spank my arse and call me Shirley, he made the sign and posed for a picture and I didn’t even have to try to do it secretly!

So without any more yapping I present to you a budding Josh Homme wannabe!

What Stew Wears - Day 68 devil horns


*The guy in the background I mean, he’s sat on a giant inflatable ball! What a pimp.


5 Responses to “What Stew Wears – Day 68”

  1. […] told them this had to change – and here is the result!  Day 68, a true devil horn and a cheeky smile from the fantastic dude, that is, […]

  2. YESSSS!!!!

    Dude, Friday. HORN OF THE WEEK!

  3. that is a face i just want to dunk my balls onto

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