Album Of The Day: Every Time I Die – The Big Dirty

Every Time I Die - The Big Dirty AOTD

This is the album that got me into ETID and I’m glad I heard it as they are now easily one of my favourite bands of all time. A lot of people said this album is one of the worst but honestly those people are fucking retards, just because it has a less screaming and more of a groove all the little ‘hardcore’ gaylords start shouting about sell outs and they just go on about how they used to be good.

This album is actually amazing, it was like they just listened to Pantera for a month before going in to the studio to begin recording. Songs like Rendez-voodoo and INRIhab are amongst the best they have ever created and Keith’s vocals get used better than ever before shifting from a heavy growl to perfect singing without ever falling into the singing/screaming style of bands such Alexisonfire (INRIhab just happens to feature Dallas Green as well).

Best song is probably ‘We’rewolf’ The video is ace.

The full album can be found here on Spotify


3 Responses to “Album Of The Day: Every Time I Die – The Big Dirty”

  1. […] second full length from ETID and the album when they really started to create their own often immitated but never bettered […]

  2. ETID – gooooood choice 🙂 one of my fav live bands!!

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