What Stew Wears – Day 65

Grey T-shirt. Blue Jeans. Black and red socks. Swearing by George from Asda

What Stew Wears - Day 65

Apparently the T-shirt he is wearing is the gift he got for me. I like it, Pinto’s are amazing fireball death traps and also the name of a particularly awesome engine.

I am a bit confused on the whole gift thing now though, I always stupidly assumed they were what you gave to other people but apparently now the ‘in’ thing is to tell people you got them a gift and then let them see you wearing/using it instead of actually letting them have it. I like this idea and I will be giving people ‘gifts’ way more often now.

For instance all people who pass on the joy of What Stew Wears by telling/linking people to it will now not receive a gift from me but I will tell you that the gift I keep for myself will be awesome. Deal?


3 Responses to “What Stew Wears – Day 65”

  1. i think there recovering from having a new dougnut installed 😉

    stew is as sexy as ever and the only present i give to other people is a fart in their genral direction 😀

  2. Why is the person behind sat on a exercise ball?

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