What Stew Wears – Day 64 THE RETURN OF STEW

Well after the long and sad break where Stew went and found himself in the snowy mountains of Canada he is back (for a brief 6 week period anyway). Rejoice, celebrate, woo, OMG, WTF!!!1!1!!! etc etc

After several months of finding out about Essex girls reputations, killing deers with cars and general gap year tomfoolery he came back to sunny Exeter and within hours he just CHUNDERED EVERYWHERE! All the little chunklets ended up in my garden.

Obviously his trip to Canada didn’t up his drinking game much. Eh! (See what I did there? With the whole Canadians saying eh thing? Yeah? I’m well funny)

What his trip did do however is give him a whole new spanking wardrobe!! The lad has grown up and he’s finished with obsession with the brown stuff and moved onto a whole new world of colour.

Today he is all blues greys and whites.

What Stew Wears - Day 64 The Return

Also he is in a bid to become the first ginger Mr T impersonator.

So that’s the normal ‘nice’ welcome back for him, tomorrow I will try to be funnier with the update.


3 Responses to “What Stew Wears – Day 64 THE RETURN OF STEW”


  2. WOO! I have literally been waiting for the last 6 months for this day to come! Now my days are complete again I can sack of work and check the best update on the internet lol I must say I do like the new frontal view but disappoint to the lack of trouser description come on loxle sort it out how am I ment to know if the socks are brown too lol

    • loxlee Says:

      He is wearing light blue jeans (The same pair he had before) and white and brown trainers. I haven’t seen his socks or his pants.


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