Album Of The Day: The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds

The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds  AOTD

Summer is The Beach Boys. It’s impossible to imagine grey skies and rain when the Beach Boys are on, all you can think of is sitting on a beach in the sun or driving around in a drop top with some surfboards sticking out from the rear seats. The Harmonies the beach boys are amazing and it is impossible not to sing along with them if you are with a group of people. Seriously put on Barbara Ann and try not to join in…

I was tempted to put up a massive compilation because they had so many good songs that a compilation is the only way to really here them all but this is the album that gets played on the record player quite often so I thought I would use this 1966 album instead.

Best song is the opener ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’

The full album can be found here on Spotify


2 Responses to “Album Of The Day: The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds”

  1. lmao cool story dude.

  2. I love this album, Brian Wilson is a genius!

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