Album Of The Day: Black Flag – Slip It In

Black Flag - Slip It In AOTD

It was going to happen eventually, I knew it and everybody else knew it. So here it is a Black Flag album on my AOTD series.

Slip It In is not really going to be the obvious choice for many but it was the first Black Flag album I heard and it also has one of my favourite hardcore punk songs of all time on it in ‘Black Coffee’. Continuing on from the slower and more experimental ‘My War’ album this album has 5+ minute songs on it that are, in punk terms, ridiculously slow. You can see where all of the late 80’s grunge bands got most of their ideas…

This album is also where Henry Rollins really started to get more into song writing, helping to write 4 of the 8 songs and Greg Ginn started messing about with more experimental instrumentals.

Best song on the album ‘Black Coffee’

The full album can be found here on Spotify

Also check this version out that Henry Rollins and Mother Superior recorded for a West Memphis Three tribute album.


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  1. man what is your fb site?

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