Album Of The Day: Mr Bungle – Self Titled

Mr Bungle - Self Titled AOTD

Remember Mike Patton and his warped mine that spews out amazing music and collaborations, such as Faith No More and Peeping Tom? This was his first ever band, that formed way back in 1985 by him and some kids in his high school and after joining Faith No More in 1989 (he got the gig because Jim Martin heard a Mr Bungle demo) Patton sang in both bands simultaneously and by 1991 Warner Bros signed them and released this debut full length, no doubt with a little bit of thanks to Patton’s new found fame.

Probably the funkiest Bungle album and also the one that sounds like a spastic Faith No More the most, it has some absolute gems on with some surprisingly easy to listen to songs for such a weird album. ‘Egg’ is a definite highlight and a tune you will get stuck on your head.The musicianship on this album is just amazing and bassist Trevor Dunn keeps a funky beat going while Clinton McKinnon and Trey Spruance go insane over the top with squealing sax and random bits of metal guitar between funk stabbings.

Best song of the album is probably ‘Girls Of Porn’

The full album can be found on Spotify here


2 Responses to “Album Of The Day: Mr Bungle – Self Titled”

  1. I just saw 2 of the 3 nights FNM played recently in San Francisco, great stuff. I posted some pics on my blog if you are interested. Paul

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