Album Of The Day: Millencolin – Pennybridge Pioneers

Millencolin-Pennybridge Pioneers AOTD

Showing the world that Sweden can do pop punk as well as any American band Millencolin have been flying the blue and yellow flag since 1992 and found their big hit in 2000 with this album. I found out about them from the genius that was the Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtracks because the single No Cigar was on THPS 2. I’m pretty sure 90% of my music from the late 90’s early 00’s came from those soundtracks!

Millencolin were never the usual dick and fart joke style pop punkers and the quite dry humour in most of the lyrics is something a lot of Americans probably didn’t quite get as well as the Brits and Europeans, so this gave it a bit more of a local edge and made them one of ‘our’ bands rather than a So-Cal rip off.

Best song is probably ‘No Cigar’

The full album can be found on Spotify here


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