Album Of The Day: Bad Religion – Stranger Than Fiction

Bad Religion - Stranger Than Fiction AOTD

Coming out of the 80’s punk scenes with bands like Circle Jerks and Minor Threat, Bad Religion and their melodic and fast Punk really defined a whole new generation of punk bands like Pennywise and Lagwagon that took major style cues and made the 90’s a big revival for straight up punk rock. More in common with The Ramones than the Hardcore bands starting out in the 80’s they always kept a more pop sensibility to their sound, which became easily recognisable as the So-Cal skatepunk style.

This was probably their biggest album and it had two quite big singles with ‘Infected’ and ’21st Century (Digital Boy)’ both of which got a lot of MTV play and for me will always be associated with playing Tony Hawk on the Playstation!

Best song is ’21st Century (Digital Boy)’

The full album can be found here on Spotify


2 Responses to “Album Of The Day: Bad Religion – Stranger Than Fiction”

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  2. […] Because of the election and all the politics at the moment I thought I would do a brilliant political album from 2008 by a melodic hardcore band from Liverpool. Lots of sing-a-longs and chants with a political theme to it all and it sounds like a more British version of skate punk mainstays Pennywise and Bad Religion. […]

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