Album Of The Day: Architects – Hollow Crown

Architects - Hollow Crown AOTD

I have been wanting to put this album as my AOTD for quite some time but it has only just come onto Spotify so it is only now I can link you all up properly!

One of the albums of 2009 for sure it is amazingly heavy and is exactly what I want from my hardcore.  When I saw them at Download last year they packed out the tent and created an end to end wall of death the full size of the inside. When the music came back in for Early Grave it was just simply chaos.

It’s nothing ground breaking or new but it shows that when a tried and tested formula is done properly it can still achieve something absolutely amazing.

Best song is easily the opener ‘Early Grave’

The full album is on Spotify here

One Response to “Album Of The Day: Architects – Hollow Crown”

  1. […] new album from Architects, has lots a lot of the anger and techy heaviness that Hollow Crown has and replaced it with some melody. Metal fans they used to have will hate it but they […]

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