Henry Rollins Writes A Letter To The FCC

WARNING THIS POST CONTAINS SOME WORDS THAT SOME PEOPLE MIGHT FIND OFFENSIVE. (I’m not sure which ones though…possibly birth and censorship, they offend the fuck outta me)

I really hate stupid censorship. Most of the time it just makes no sense, I watched Casualty the other day (I was made to…) and they showed a 14 year old girl give birth to a baby then cut the umbilical cord with hair clips before leaving it in some bushes. Later on the girl was shown bleeding out of her lady bits in the shower. You never saw any lady bits but it was still pretty fucking graphic.This was allowed and was fine, but somebody says fuck and there’s an outrage, investigation into the channel and complaints galore.

Seriously what the bollocks tit fucking wank stain is that all about!


Also just because I’m a child and I find swearing funny, have the most pointlessly sweary and childish song ever made.


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