The Option Paralysis Boxset

I just received a lovely little package from the postman and inside was a rather awesome boxset from The Dillinger Escape Plan of their new album Option Paralysis (you know that thing I’ve been talking about for a while…).

This has to be one of the best box sets I think I’ve ever received and take a look at why that is…

The full contents include:

  • The Option Paralysis album on CD with the other side being an awesome bonus song (Head Deaf) on Vinyl! Thats right a CD that doubles as a record! Awesome!
  • CD notes with lyrics
  • Special Edition Photo Book
  • Flag
  • Beanie
  • TV-B-Gone (Turns off any TV, I presume just to annoy people…)
  • Luggage Tag
  • Buttons

The only bad thing is I have such an old record player that it doesn’t want to play the vinyl part because the CD/Vinyl is too small. The CD is the size of the inside of a record so my player wont go that far in as it thinks it’s already reached the end of an album and resets itself. Massive bummer! Anyone have a better record player they wanna give me?!

You can buy your own right here


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