Album Of The Day: Guns N’ Roses – Lies

Guns n Roses - Lies AOTD

Obviously not the best Guns N’ Roses album by a long way but Lies is a superb EP/live split that has some brilliant acoustic style songs on. Some of the lyrics are erm questionable and further confirm that Axl Rose is a dickhead but the music is just brilliant. the first 4 songs are live songs including Mama Kin, which is a superb song to cover and the last 4 songs are studio recordings, which are either clean electric or acoustic.

Best song is probably Patience although if you asked me again tomorrow I would probably change my mind to Used To Love Her.

The full album can be found here on Spotify


One Response to “Album Of The Day: Guns N’ Roses – Lies”

  1. […] so we searched through old boxes to find some tapes. We found a really rubbish live Beatles tape, Guns N Roses – Lies, a Jimi Hendrix pirate and the Grease soundtrack that was in the case for Offspring’s […]

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