Album Of The Day: Ben Folds – Rockin’ The Suburbs

Ben Folds - Rockin The Suburbs AOTD

Ben Folds plays piano driven classic pop in the style of Billy Joel and Todd Rundgren and maybe even a bit of Rocket Man style Elton John. I can guarantee you will have heard some Ben Folds or Ben Folds Five because he is a prolific songwriter releasing over 20 albums, EP’s and Collaborations. If you have seen ‘Over The Hedge‘ then you will know his voice because he wrote the soundtrack for the film.

This was his first solo effort after Ben Folds Five broke up and he wrote and played nearly every part on the album including piano, vocals, drums, guitar and bass. It is mostly a mix of pop rock and ballads with the joke song Rockin’ The Suburbs providing a bit of comedy (and his only major hit).

Best song on the album is ‘Zak And Sara’ and this video is a live version played with the Western Australia Symphony Orchestra.

The full album can be found here on Spotify


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