Album Of The Day: We Are The Ocean – Cutting Our Teeth

we are the ocean - cutting our teeth

The début full length from We Are The Ocean after last years stunning EP ‘Look Alive’ has been hyped quite a lot recently and deservingly so, it came out yesterday and I haven’t stopped listening to it. Containing the usual post-hardcore elements of shouty/singy the band sometimes sound like a bit more metalcore version of Alexisonfire, mainly due to the amazing sung vocals. Every now and again with parts such as the beginning of ‘Confessions’ the band explore different areas and even manage to pull off a convincing alt rock sound, my money is on ‘Confessions’ becoming a single for them, it’s definitely got the broad appeal needed for a successful release.

Best song on the album is probably ‘Our Days Are Numbered’ but it’s a tough one.

The full album can be found right here on Spotify


2 Responses to “Album Of The Day: We Are The Ocean – Cutting Our Teeth”

  1. […] new video from Rat Attack, the song is amazing and the guest vocals from We Are The Ocean‘s Liam Cromby fit in […]

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