Album Of The Day: Defeater – Lost Ground

Technically only an E.P. this is one of the best recent releases in Hardcore and it is made even more amazing because it was released only a year after their debut, ‘Travels’, an epic concept album that read like a story. Not content with releasing one of the best debuts of recent times they then decided to do a mini concept album just a few months later, however this is no rushed effort to make the most of their sudden popularity, this is easily on par with ‘Travels’ (sadly only ‘Lost Ground’ is on Spotify, but I do recommend buying ‘Travels‘!)

Not only do Defeater have amazing story telling abilities and musical chops that most bands would kill for, they are also massively involved with saving the planet, being well aware of the impacts of climate change. The drummer, Andy Reitz, co-owns Greenvans, which is an eco friendly van hire company and they tour themselves in a van converted to run on vegetable oil. The record was also made using 100% recycled materials and they really hope to make a more positive impact on the environment.

Best song is opener ‘The Red, White and Blues’

The full album can be found here on Spotify


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