Album Of The Day: Seasick Steve – I Started Out With Nothin…

…And I Still Got Most Of It Left (Sorry that was such a long album name I couldn’t fit it all in the title)

Seasick Steve was on Top Gear a couple weeks ago, that was kinda strange and I imagine it was at Jeremy Clarksons request (I generally don’t agree with him much but he has pretty good musical tastes and he fucking loves Capri’s!)

Not much to say about this album except it is amazing raw blues played by a dude with a box and a few crappy broken guitars, though what really sets this apart from a lot of brilliant blues albums is that it is really new, which means it has the bonus of good sound quality…

Best song is Thunderbird

The full album can be found here on Spotify

*I’ve just been told that you can listen to his new album online on his website here and you can also get a 3 track download if you follow the link on the homepage. Very awesome and useful to anyone who is not on Spotify.

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