AC/DC Backtracks Boxset – Coolest Boxset Ever?

I think it might be! It’s nothing special music wise, AC/DC have about a billion collectors rarities albums and boxsets. But this set contains 3 CD’s of studio and live rarities, a rarities Vinyl, Family Jewels and Live At The Circus Krone DVDs, a 164 page coffee table book and Original memorabilia. So far so standard, the coffee table book looks nice but other than that nothing I haven’t got from a £30 box set already but wait this one costs $179! WHAT?!
Well that extra cash is for the working amp that the set comes in! That’s right, the box also doubles up as a working guitar amp! How immensely cool is that? And yes I know its probably the crappiest amp around and is only worth about £3.67 but still I really want it! (If you are feeling flush you can buy it for me from US Amazon…)


One Response to “AC/DC Backtracks Boxset – Coolest Boxset Ever?”

  1. AC/DC are the best!

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