Album Of The Day: Brand New – Daisy

In 2001 Brand New released a pretty average pop punk album called Your Favourtie Weapon, I listened, I didn’t like, I discarded Brand New from my thoughts. Somehow though I ended up listening to the new album recently and I have to say I really quite like it, It could be a completely different band for all I know because the sound has completely changed. Their style has become a mix between grungey indie like Dinasour Jr and the more experimental side of post hardcore, Dare I say it, it even has hints of real emo to it (i.e. Sunny Day Real Estate era not the term used as an insult era).

The slow burners are amazing but what really does it for me on this album is the song ‘At The Bottom’ which has a hook so catchy I swear I already knew it.

The full album can be found here on Spotify


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