Haiti Earthquake Appeal – The Scams Have Started

I’m sure most people have heard about the horrific earthquake in Haiti that happened on Tuesday and sadly true to most recent tragic events, internet coverage has been taken over by scammers trying to make a quick profit off of the suffering of other people, with fake charity websites being set up to con people out of much needed donations. It really is the worst kind of scam, charity is the one thing that should be off limit to steal from.

The devastating Haiti earthquake affected up to 3 million people and it is feared that 100,000 people could have died. If anyone want’s to donate anything, even a little is better than nothing, then please make sure you use registered charities such as the Oxfam page at ‘donate Haiti earthquake‘ or the British red cross site. Alternatively if you are in America you can simply text HAITI to 90999 and you will automatically donate $10 to the US red Cross.

For more information visit ‘Haiti Earthquake – Already Jumped On By Scammers


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