Count To Fire Play Hallelujah

I went to an open mic night a couple nights ago with a few people and got this little recording of a couple members of Count To Fire (Will on guitar and Joe on violin) playing Hallelujah. I only got a couple minutes of it because iPhone video is pretty crappy and my arm started to ache so I gave up. I can tell you however, that the rest of the song was just as brilliant!

Count To Fire have recently got back from recording a full length album in Canadian land at Catherine North Studios, the album should be coming out sometime next year and I’m pretty excited for them because Catherine North is also where City and Colour – Bring Me Your Love was recorded and that album is killer! You can listen to their first album ‘Songs That Remind Me Of You’ on Spotify here or you can check them out on their Myspace.


One Response to “Count To Fire Play Hallelujah”

  1. […] rather well and it is actually a superb album. With a similar sound to Manchester Orchestra and Count To Fire, its an album of frantic banjo’s and double bass with the best vocal harmonies since the […]

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