Top 5 Greatest Dillinger Escape Plan Live Videos

Just because they are the greatest live band you will ever see and I’m psyched that the new single, Farewell, Mona Lisa, is out soon, I thought I would show you the best 5 videos of them playing live that you can find. The quality may not be great but you can still make out just how insane they are!

So in no particular order…

Live at Hellfest in 2003 – Somebody was probably hurt when he jumps in with his guitar!

Live at a Virgin Megastore instore gig – Crowd running at its finest.

Live on Conan O’Brien playing Black Bubblegum to a stunned crowd.

Playing With NIN in Perth this year. Stunning.

And finally burning everything at Furnace Fest in 2002

3 Responses to “Top 5 Greatest Dillinger Escape Plan Live Videos”

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  2. […] long time and now after a good days worth of listening it is just getting better and better. Every Dillinger Escape Plan album is so different from the last one that you never really know what to expect which really does […]

  3. […] woke up today with the news that the new Dillinger Escape Plan album Option Paralysis was being stream early, in it’s entirety, on their Myspace. I was very […]

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